Cultural Diversity

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As part of our SMSC learning, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs is taught through our RE and PSHCE lessons. The children learn about other ways of life and celebrations from other religions and link it to their own lives and beliefs. We promote an appreciation of other cultures by celebrating different festivals through our RE lessons. The teaching of tolerance and mutual respect of others is vital due to the limited cultural diversity of our area. During assemblies we look at people all over the world from different cultures that have had an impact on our lives today.

Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural development (SMSC) includes the teaching of values and expectations, relationships and responses and the implicit teaching of morals and values that should be upheld. The development of SMSC has the potential to create a more positive learning environment as it can help children to be more secure about their own identities and have a greater understanding of their own beliefs and values. SMSC development is built upon reflection, on a personal, social and global scale. This is taught through RE and PSHCE lessons; assemblies focusing on important figures in history and learning about current events. Our school ethos and rules are visibly displayed in each classroom which shows the importance of moral development. Social development can be seen through our involvement with the community. As well as through our daily community walk and events where we have invited the community to take part, creating positive relationships. Cultural diversity is valued in our school and is celebrated by learning about other cultures and the importance of respecting others' beliefs. We promote an understanding and respect of the children's own culture and other cultures in their town and the rest of the country. This is important due to limited cultural diversity in our area. At Ewanrigg Junior School we support pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and, within this, the promotion of fundamental British values. It is important to nurture these to help children develop into understanding, empathetic individuals that show respect and tolerance to everyone.

We asked some children in Ewanrigg Junior School about what they learn in their RE lessons.