We asked some of our class councillors what it is like to be on the school council and what happens in our joint school council meetings.

Being a school councillor is sensible job because you have to listen to people's ideas and you have to write things that people say. You discuss your ideas with councillors from our school and other schools. I like being a school councillor because if there is a problem you can sort it out and it's nice to help our school and our town.
I think that being a councillor is helpful because at school council meetings we suggest thins to help the town we live in.
I like being a school councillor because I like being helpful and meeting new people. It is important to be a school councillor to help make our area and our schools a better place.
Being school councillor is a massive opportunity to help improve the school. To become a school councillor you make a speech that includes why you think you're good for the job and then you read tour speech in front of the class, then they vote for the best boy and girl who they think will help the school to be better.
In school council it is hard but it is really good. You get a lot of opportunities to go to a lot of fun places. It is all for the good of the school. In meetings you can go to other schools in and around Maryport. To be a school councillor you have to think of a speech, then you practise and tell your class and they vote for the best person for the job.