We asked some of our class councillors what it is like to be on the school council and what happens in our joint school council meetings.

In joint school council you have a very responsible job to help Maryport and schools by helping the environment and doing things for other people to make school and Maryport better. We go in pairs to Netherhall School and talk with other councillors and suggest things and sometimes agree on things. We also ask people in our school how can we make school better.
Getting picked to go to a joint school council meeting is a big opportunity. When you go to a school council meeting you go to a different school and share your thoughts and ideas. Sharing your ideas at meetings is a lot of fun and you can talk about big events that are coming up. As a school councillor it is your job to make new things happen.
In joint school council you talk to other people about how to make school better or to make good activities happen around Maryport. You can do Bake Offs and other fun things like a maze around Maryport. I enjoy the joint school council because you can take part in competitions and activities.
If you are a councillor you have to try and make a better school environment. You have to be responsible because it is a very hard job because you have to make important decisions. If you go to a joint school council meeting you get cookies and juice and help to decide on stuff through debates, sometimes we make posters.