Addition using Partition
Big Maths
Behaviour Management
Column Method Addition, known as "Carry One!"
EJS General Introduction
Extra Curricular Activities
Facebook Profiles
Home-School Agreement
Money Collection
Plenary Placemat - Let's Talk!
Protecting your children online
Sexting in Schools Resource Pack
Share Aware Parents' Leaflet
Social Media Guidance for Parents
Tackling Safety
Online Safety Tips for Parents - Internet Matters
Web Links
CEOP Child Safety - Jigsaw: for 8-10 year olds
Childnet - The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew
Cyberbullying 101 - YouTube Video by eAWARE
Gaming 101 - YouTube Video by eAWARE
Head Lice
How To Stay Safe Online - BBC Video
Grooming 101 - YouTube Video by eAWARE
NetSmartzKids - Be Safer Online
Parents' Guide to Internet Safety
Sexting - NSPCC Website
Sexting 101 - YouTube Video by eAWARE
South Cumbria Dyslexia Association