Accessibility Plan
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy
Appraisal Procedure for School Based Teachers
and Centrally Employed Teachers
Whole School Behaviour Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Protection Policy
Code of Conduct
Complaints Procedure
Complaint Procedures for Parents & Carers
Data Protection Policy
DBS Clearance
DBS Safeguarding Agreement
Equal Opportunities Policy
Freedom of Information Act Scheme
Governors' Statement of Behaviour Principles
Governors' Expenses
Grievance Procedure
HR Policies
Health & Safety Policy
Instrument of Governance
Local Authority General Admissions Policy
Privacy Notice for School Workforce
Safeguarding Leaflet
School Absence Enforcement Policy
School Emergency Plan
Relationships & Sex Education Policy
Single Equality Scheme for Schools
Special Educational Needs Policy
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy
Teachers' Pay Policy