We have a system of "peer budding" in our school. Children are chosen by staff and are known as Buddies.

Buddies are regarded as responsible and caring pupils who assist staff and befriend children during playtimes and lunchtimes.

Book Buddies look after all the books in school; Sports and Equipment Buddies help staff with equipment; whilst Office Buddies are office helpers; Computing Buddies support computing and information technology and Environment Buddies help to look after the environment.

Ambassadors are our tour guides and meet and greet visitors.

Children have to apply in writing for the post and have to sign a contract as these are very responsible positions.

It is both an honour and a privilege to be chosen as one of our Buddies and children are very proud of such roles of responsibility.

Buddies   report to   Mrs Hampson
Book Buddies   report to   Class Teacher
Sport & Equipment Buddies   report to   Mrs  McGlasson
Office Buddies   report to   Mrs Ditchburn & Mrs Moir
Environment Buddies   report to   Mr Hope
Computing Buddies   report to   Mrs Hampson
Ambassadors   report to   Miss Craig
Personal Assistants   report to   Class Teacher

This helps our children to build up independence, responsibility and accountability skills - all vital workplace and employability skills.

These jobs used to be called 'Caps' and the chosen child would wear a coloured cap but at the request of the children, the job titles were changed in September 2018 to something that the children viewed as being more supportive and so 'Caps' became 'Buddies.'